Frequently Asked Questions

You are responsible for the accurate recording and sign off of your hours. You are also responsible in ensuring that we have received your worked hours to be processed for payroll before Tuesday morning

You can choose to receive your pay advice in the mail or through email

The payment amount you receive will depend on the client you are working for- please speak with your consultant about the pay rate

Yes, you can rest assured knowing that we are contactable and have access to all of our database any time

All candidates are reference checked and screened prior to placement. Police checks and medical checks are conducted if required

Yes, we offer a 180 day guarantee on all perm roles, and a 4 hour guarantee on temporary staff

You should contact your supervisor and report the injury to ESP Recruitment immediately

ESP Recruitment takes the hassle out of temporary staffing with 20 million in public liability coverage and WorkCover Insurance while ESP Recruitment staff are onsite

We run a weekly payroll and take the stress out of having to create or add to your existing payroll in house

Yes, all our current openings are real positions with clients that vary from casual on call work to permanent placements. Our consultants will provide descriptions for all roles available

The best way is to create a log in account in our website, upload your resume and apply to suitable positions

Our weekly pay in run Monday to Sunday. We process timesheet data on Mondays and require all timesheets for the previous week by Tuesday. Pay is processed and paid into your account the following Thursday

If you have been booked to work for a client, you must inform the Consultants at ESP Recruitment as soon as possible before your shift begins. Our team are available 24/7

Once you have registered, completed all paperwork, references and spoken with a consultant, you will be eligible for shifts. You will need to call or email with your availability and be in contact with your consultant to ensure we will be able to contact you and place you in positions

ESP have clients in a wide variety of industries- we take the hassle out of applying and interviewing for positions and allow flexibility in where and when you work

We will contact your listed references once you have completed the registration and have spoken with a consultant about your availability